Published: May 02, 2017 by Cadet Direct Editor

15 Things You Need To Survive The Unexpected

I don’t know about you, but i’ve currently got myself immersed in The Island with Bear Grylls. I know it’s reality TV, and most likely a load of rubbish but it does have me thinking about how I would fair in a survival situation. A well thought out survival kit will make a big difference in an emergency situation and we always recommend you keep your survival kit on your person rather than in your pack or webbing. So here are my recommended 15  Things You Need to Survive The Unexpected. By all means shout if we are missing anything!

(1) Matches

Fire provides us with the power to survive in harsh environments,  to process food and to change the shape of the environment we live in. That is why our 1st and most important Survival Aid is Matches. Better yet, increase your chances of survival with this 1 almighty tip : How to Waterproof Your Matches.

(2) Sewing Kit

A survival sewing kit is usually pretty small and often contains items that might not be in an ordinary survival kit. For instance, instead of regular sewing thread, I like to pack dental floss or braided fishing line in my kit. The reason I do this, is because of its ability to be used for more than just sewing.

Braided fishing line is a lot stronger than thread, and is a far better option when putting together a survival sewing kit.

(3) Compass

A small robust emergency liquid filled button compass is ideal for emergency navigation. It can also be sewn into the lining of clothing such as shirts or jackets.

(4) Flint and Steel

A flint and steel will work while wet, can work when broken, and are easier to use when your hands are very cold.

(5) Fishing Kit

The ability to catch or trap food is an invaluable skill to have in any survival situation. Especially since we would be burning an enormous amount of calories just trying to survive.  In my opinion, the ability to catch fish is one of the best ways to put some food on the campfire.  Fishing gear is small, light, inexpensive and fairly easy to use.

(6) Torch

A survival torch can be used for a variety of things. Different colored filters can also be used for different types of light. Blue filters provide the best light for reading maps at night, red filters preventing the destruction of your night vision, and green filters are ideal for hunting at night.

The best survival flashlights come with strobe patterns built in that can be used for signaling purposes. Whether you are trying to flag down a search party during an emergency, another vehicle, or just members on your hiking party the strobe patterns do all the work for you.


“The line between life or death is determined by what we are willing to do.” – Bear Grylls


(7) Wire Snares

Why? Because.. food. If you’re experienced and know where to set a trap then 3 snares should do for your survival kit. If you’re new to the snaring game 6+ and more will help. If you find that you’ve run out of snares you can make snares from almost anything. Such as from the inner strands of 550 parachute cord, nylon dental floss, electrical wire and including from your boot laces too. You can even make snare traps from some selected vines and weeds but..this is the least preferred method.

(8) Wire Saw

A wire saw does not add any appreciable weight to a pack, and most can be carried in your pocket. Additionally, they are relatively inexpensive, so there really is no reason not to carry one, but before you ruin it cutting wood, consider making a bow saw – see below:

(9) Pencil & Paper

Pencils.  Forget the pens.  They can run out of ink and freeze in cold weather.  With a pocket knife or some type of blade, you’ll always have a sharp pencil.

(10) Knife

If you ask experts in primitive survival techniques what one thing they would take with them if they had to survive in the woods for an extended time, most would tell you it would be their knife. With just a knife and the natural materials around you, you can:

  • Make tools
  • Make weapons and traps for hunting
  • Prepare your kill for the pot
  • Create sparks for starting a fire by hitting the blade with a stone
  • Cut branches and saplings for building a basic shelter

A survival blade is therefore an amazing tool. The catch is that it takes training and a lot of practice to be able to survive for an extended time with just a knife.

(11) Water Carrier

In extreme heat, an adult can lose almost half-a-gallon of water through sweat alone. Without water, dehydration can set in within an hour in severe heat. The combination of physical overexertion and extreme heat — without water — can lead to death in as little as several hours.

(12) Water Purifying Tablets

Aquatabs® are the world’s no.1 water purification tablets. They are effervescent tablets which kill micro- organisms in water to prevent cholera, typhoid, dysentery and other water borne diseases.

(13) First Aid Kit

It will not matter where you are or what you are doing when misadventure strikes. If you are not prepared to manage a health emergency when it happens, things will get serious quickly.

(14) Dental Floss

Not only for keeping your gums healthy, dental floss can be used for shelter rigging, hanging clothes out to dry, trussing poultry & fish plus all the other uses I mentioned earlier.

(15) Mobile Phone

Because when you get signal you can call for help and hopefully be rescued!

Do you think you could survive?