Published: Feb 12, 2015 by Cadet Direct Editor

For a chance to win  our complete Osprey Assault Order Kit Layout (worth £350) head over to our Facebook Page

Help us get 1000 likes for our competition post by sharing with friends. Then tell us why you would like to win. The kit layout includes the following:

Medium MTP Osprey 6 Piece Battle Belt Set
Osprey Mk IV MTP Closed Pouch Ammunition Sharp Shooter 3 Mag
Trek N Eat Cookies
Forces Emergency Survival Bag
Grand Fireball Flint and Striker (with Compass)
Genuine 58 Pattern Bottle and Mug
BCB Crusader Cup Mk 2
New BCB Crusader Cooker Mk2
BCB Stainless Steel Folding Spork
Wayfayrer Meal – Treacle Pudding
Wayfayrer Meal – All Day Breakfast
Geuine British Forces Sniper Tape OG, 50mm x 10m Roll
Rifle Sling New
Benny Hat, Foliage Green
Olive Drab 550lb Type III Commercial Paracord
Mechanix Fastfit Glove Multicam Small
Leatherman REBAR Black Oxide
Personal First Aid Kit, Multicam
Distress Whistle
BCB Combat Survival Tin
Multicam Pro-Force S95 Sewing Kit,
Field Dressing Medium
Chameleon Camo Compact (3 Colour)
Army Type Insect Repellent
Kombat LED Headlamp (with Red Filter Lens)

All Weather Tactical N/Book 4 x 6 Green
Commanders Model Kit & Pouch, MTP