Following requests from various CCF contingents Cadet Direct has put together a CCF Cadet Starter Kit containing all the essential items needed to get a cadet quickly into training. Our Type 1 kit includes PCS clothing (shirt, trousers, smock), black boots, headwear and various other essential items. This kit retails for £179.99 which is a considerable saving over the items bought separately. We're really interested to know what you think so please provide feedback on our Facebook page here. The kit includes the following items:

(1) AB38 Patrol Boots, Black
(2) MTP11G British MTP PCS Shirt G1 Used
(3) MTP12G British MTP PCS Trousers G1 (Used)
(4) MTP13G British PCS Smock MTP G1 Used
(5) AA15CCF CCF T-Shirts Qty 2
(6) WJ005 Multi-Terrain Waterproof Jacket
(7) MSOPAT Cadet Patrol Socks
(8) VMBAG Viper One Day Modular Pack
(9) AH33/DB British Army Dark Blue Beret
(10) AB04MC British Special Forces Bush Hat
(11) MT12943 Boot Cleaning Kit
(12) AA24 Trousers Twisters