Which is the best wax polish for your cadet footwear?

Whether you're brush polishing or bulling  this has to be one of the longest running debates within the cadet forces. We thought it was about time someone finally lay the issue to rest by putting 5 of the most popular polishes to a proper test.

What we did...

We started by taking five identical parade shoes and then chose the five best selling polishes.

The polish was removed from the original tin and placed in a plain white dish making it impossible to tell which brand was which.

We then asked a senior adult instructor with over 20 years experience to get polishing!

Our expert started by brush polishing each shoe before bulling the toecap using Selvyt Premium polishing cloth and tap water.

Each shoe was marked by the polisher and then by a panel of 6 experienced cadet forces staff to give a final score - check out the results below!

[caption id="attachment_6231" align="alignnone" width="300"] Kiwi Black Shoe Polish[/caption]

Kiwi Black Shoe Polish

1. Kiwi Black Shoe Polish

Kiwi Black shoe polish cleans, nourishes, protects and shines leather. Many servicemen maintain that Kiwi Black gives a deeper, longer lasting finish than Kiwi Gloss or similar wax polishes.

Boot Polish Results: 5/5 (Very Good)
Bulled Finish Results: 3/5 (Very Good)
Time to Bull Toecap: 10 to 15 minutes
No. of Layers Require: 10-15
Our Panels Score: 3 (OK

Solid polish for brushing, but for bulling use Parade Gloss.

Kiwi Parade Gloss Prestige

2. Kiwi Parade Gloss Prestige

Parade Gloss Prestige is the latest premium wax shoe polish from Kiwi. This unique blend of natural waxes and genuine vegetable turpentine delivers the ultimate shine to any smooth or grained leather whilst nourishing and protecting.

Boot Polish Results: 5/5/ (Very Good)
Bulled Finish Results: 5/5 (Very Good)
Time to Bull Toecap: 10 Minutes
No. of Layers Require: 8
Our Panels Score: 4/5 (Good)

Best on test and recommended by Cadet Direct.

[caption id="attachment_6235" align="alignnone" width="300"] Cherry Blossom Regimental Shoe Polish[/caption]

Cherry Blossom Regimental Shoe Polish

3. Regimental High Gloss

The latest premium wax shoe polish from Cherry Blossom. This premium blend of natural waxes and other specialist components is intended to give your footwear the best possible shine whilst nourishing and protecting the leather.

Boot Polish Results: 3/5 (OK)
Bulled Finish Results: 3/5 (OK)
Time to Bull Toecap: 12 to 20 Minutes
No. of Layers Require: 10-15
Our Panels Score: 2/5 (Poor)

Despite the name we would go for the Kiwi brand instead.

[caption id="attachment_6236" align="alignnone" width="291"] Ultimate Guardsman Gloss[/caption]

Ultimate Guardsman Gloss

4. Punch Ultimate Guardsman Gloss

With a new improved formulation, Guardsman Gloss is considered by many to be the ultimate military shoe polish. Cleans, softens and preserves boots, shoes, harnesses and all leather products. Lubricates leather to prevent cracking, restores colour and buffs beautifully to the ultimate lasting high shine.

Boot Polish Results: 1/5 (Very Poor)
Bulled Finish Results: 1/5 (Very Poor)
Time to Bull Toecap: More than 30 Minutes
No. of Layers Require: More than 20
Our Panels Score: 1/5 (Very Poor)

A bad batch? We're not sure. Tell us your experiences by writing a review on our website.

[caption id="attachment_6237" align="alignnone" width="300"] Web-tex High Gloss Military Polish[/caption]

Web-tex High Gloss Military Polish

5. Web-tex High Glass Military Polish

The high gloss military polish from Web-tex will clean, nourish and protect your black leather footwear. Ideal for assault boots and parade shoes.

Boot Polish Results: 4/5 (Good)
Bulled Finish Results: 3/5 (OK)
Time to Bull Toecap: 10 to 15 Minutes
No. of Layers Require: 10-15
Our Panels Score: 3.5/5 (Good)

Suprise good performer which gave excellent brush results and gave a good overall shine.

Leder Glos High Shine Gloss Black

6. Leder Glos High Shine Gloss

Leder-Glos high shine gloss from Alt-Berg is the ideal every day polish for all your Alt-Berg black and brown army boots and military footwear. This high gloss army boot polish formula allows your footwear to be shined for daily duties in barracks and camp whilst also providing water repellency in the field.

Boot Polish Results: 3/5 (OK)
Bulled Finish Results: 3/5 (OK)
Time to Bull Toecap: 20 Minutes
No. of Layers Require: 15-20
Our Panels Score: 3/5 (OK)

Gives an acceptable shine. The big advantage is the MOD Brown colour is spot on for Alt-Berg and other issue boots.

Thinking of upgrading your shoe care kit? Well we hope the tried and tested feature above will help you to decide which is the best boot polish for your cadet footwear.

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