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British Army Webbing Systems

Cadet Direct offers a full range of genuine British Army webbing in brand new and grade 1 (used) condition. Military webbing is essential for any serviceman carrying personal equipment. From training expeditions to overnight operations, British Army webbing is a fundamental part of military kit you cannot do without.

Our extensive collection features a wide selection of army webbing to choose from. Featuring authentic MTP webbing pouches such as Osprey ammo pouches, we also deliver MTP water bottle pouches and British Army utility pouches. Cadet Direct additionally provides MOLLE webbing for weaponry, plus a variety of belts and yokes. You can even find complete military webbing systems if you want to save time building your own set.

The latest Osprey British Army webbing currently on issue is also offered. This features MOLLE/PALS fittings, which differ from the previous PLCE system webbing that is still available. When purchasing pouches, consider whether you have a PLCE or MOLLE/PALS based system, as most components, other than webbing yokes, are not interchangeable. If you aren’t sure which webbing system is right for you, contact our expert UK team and we’ll be happy to assist.

All our British Army webbing is genuine MTP issue obtained from the official UK disposal agency. The range fully satisfies stringent standards required by the UK Armed Forces, providing the quality deserved by army personnel. Order your MTP webbing today from Cadet Direct with fast UK shipping and next day delivery! Don’t forget the full range of webbing and carriage in stock now.