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  • This great value fully featured Medium Assault Pack is perfect for use as a general purpose tactical backpack and has been designed especially for ...

    Multi Terrain Medium Assault Pack, 36L



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  • The Convoy Outdoor pack is a scaled down version of the bestselling Large Assault Pack (Code AC125-008), with the same great functionality. Constru...

    Multicam Convoy Outdoor Pack



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  • Made from genuine Crye Precision MultiCam fabric, these camouflaged hydration tube covers fit most makes of hydration tubes on the market including...

    Multicam Hydration Tube Cover



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  • Lightweight and extremely compact outdoor cooking system. Designed to unfold and wrap around to form a pyramid shaped cooker which is ideal for per...

    Zip Boilex Pyramid Stove Incl 8 Solid Fuel Cubes



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  • ACF CCF Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Award badges for MTP Personal Clothing System blanking plates embroidered onto black regulation felt. The three st...

    Latest ACF CCF DofE Award Scheme Badges



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Cadet Direct Ltd

Supplier of Army Cadet uniforms, Air Cadet uniform & Sea Cadet uniforms

Since 1999 Cadet Direct have been supplying the Army Cadet Force, Combined Cadet Force, Air Cadets and Sea Cadet Corps with military clothing, footwear and equipment. We have quickly established ourselves as the leading supplier to the UK Cadet forces of Air Cadet badges, Army Cadet badges, cadet hats and army webbing and we are proud to offer an extensive and diverse range of products all professionally suited to the regular demands of the Cadets. In other words, there's no better place to go for all your cadet needs. We have a wide range of clothing options specially designed for the cadets, Read More . including genuine MTP issue uniforms, thermals, t-shirts, combat shirts, waterproofs and more. We also include uniform fabrics and Niikwax products in our clothing range. You should also take some time out to look through our 5.11 Tactical Clothing range, which has everything from Taclite Pro Khaki's to Performance Polo Shirts. We also provide various footwear options for Cadets, including boots, socks, polish and laces. You can choose from our specialist range of boots including British Assault Boots, Cadet Patrol Boots, Waterproof Boots and Desert Boots and have a massive range of army boot polish, bulling products and shoe cleaning kit products. We also supply cadet socks ad performance insoles. As well as our specialist range we also supply various other military products, such as belts, flags, bashas, torches, trophies, navigation tools, cooking tools, combat accessories and survival equipment. Our range of shelter options are perfect for any outdoor exercise, including Bivi Bags, Ponchos, Tents, Multi-Terrain Shelters and vital survival tools. With such an extensive range of products available, we regularly feature specific items on the site every week to keep you up to date with our ever-growing stock. Our products are of the quality expected by any type of military personnel, from experienced survival experts to cadets. Our highly competitive and affordable prices make our products hugely desirable to our growing number of customers. If you're keen to save some money on your next batch of equipment, we have a clearance zone that is regularly updated with quality products at outstanding prices. We aslo deal directly with manufacturers in order to provide one of the UK's finest mail order services. You can learn more about our products by calling us today on 01892 662 230.
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Camp Kit List
Altberg Boots

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Annual Camp is probably the highlight of the year for cadets and is packed full of challenging activities and is also a chance to spend nights living out in the field. Making sure you have the right kit with you is very important as it will make Annual Camp more enjoyable if you are equipped for the challenges properly. If you haven't yet left for summer camp, here is a reminder of eight essential items we think you should definitely pack before you go and why! 1.Torch with a red filter Red light torches are used widely within the military because red light is more subdued than white light and is less likely to alert an enemy to your position. In addition red torch light preserves your natural night vision allowing you to see better at night. We have a wide range of red light torches including the Highlander Mira Tactical Headlamp which provides hands free illumination at night. We also have a Red Filter Kit which allows you to Create your own red filter for your favourite torch. 2. Waterproof Notepad We stock an extensive selection of waterproof military notepads from all the leading manufacturers including Web-tex, Rite-in-the-Rain, Viper Tactical, Highlander and Pro-Force. The Web-Tex Warrior Notebook features grid lined pages which are both waterproof and tear-proof and it can even be written on underwater, making it the ideal notebook for wet field conditions! 3.Locker Padlock Our Highlander 30mm Brass Padlock is ideal for securing lockers whilst on Summer Camp as well as on rucksack zips and holdalls during travel. Supplied with three keys, allowing you to hand 2 spare keys to your Detachment Commander on arrival, to ensure you're covered if you ever lose one! 4. Boot Cleaning Kit Our military boot cleaning kits are perfect for Summer Camp because they are compact and take up very little space in your Bergen when out in the field, yet they have all the essential items you need to keep your footwear clean and polished. 5. Bush Hat A Camouflage Bush Hat/Cap is a must have for the training area at camp. Perfect for providing camouflage and protection from the sun (yet allowing for good field of view). We stock a wide range bush hats perfect for training and operational use including the British Special Forces Bush Hat in Multicam. 6. Camo Cream Camouflage and concealment is a key skill for any cadet or soldier to learn. The principal of military camouflage is to see but not be seen. We stock the UK's largest online range of camouflage and concealment products to help you achieve this important aim including Camtech Woodland Face Paint & Sunscreen which has been on standard issue with British Forces and is easier to remove than some other face paints - whilst remaining completely waterproof/sweatproof during field use. 7. KFS Set A compact KFS Set is a really handy piece of kit which usually features a separate knife, fork and spoon that fit inside a holder, making it compact and space saving, making them ideal for camps and weekend training. Some of our sets (such as the Heavy Duty KFS Set) also incorporate a can and bottle opener 8. Trouser Twisters A small but essential bit of kit! Made from a durable elasticated and fray resistant material with steel hooks at either end and are a comfortable and practical solution to shortening the trouser leg; they give a neat and tidy finish and will keep the trousers clean from the sole of your boots. Hopefully our 8 essential items have served as a reminder of the sort of kit you should be thinking of packing for Summer Camp. If you have suggestions or questions we would like to hear from you. Or why not head over to our Facebook page and have a go at our latest competiton to win all 8 items!

8 'Must Have' Items for Annual Camp...

2016-08-11 13:32:15

  • Free Cadet Direct Catalogue - Summer/Autumn 2016

    Free Cadet Direct Catalogue - Summer/Autumn 2016


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  • Magnum Classic Men's and Women's Boot, MOD Brown

    Magnum Classic Men's and Women's Boot, MOD Brown


    £44.95 was £71.95

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  • Multi Terrain Small Assault Pack, 18.5L

    Multi Terrain Small Assault Pack, 18.5L



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  • Highlander Blackthorn 1 MTP Tent

    Highlander Blackthorn 1 MTP Tent


    £39.99 was £42.99

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  • Highlander Commando Soft Shell Jacket, HMTC

    Highlander Commando Soft Shell Jacket, HMTC


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  • Camelbak Magnetic Tube Trap

    Camelbak Magnetic Tube Trap


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  • BCB Self-Inflating Sleeping Mat Olive

    BCB Self-Inflating Sleeping Mat Olive


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  • Condor 1.5L Hydration Bladder, Olive Drab

    Condor 1.5L Hydration Bladder, Olive Drab


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  • Multicam Ammo/Dump Pouch

    Multicam Ammo/Dump Pouch


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  • 2GB USB Paracord Bracelet, Olive & Tan

    2GB USB Paracord Bracelet, Olive & Tan


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  • Condoor Outdoor Slik Clip Kit, Tan

    Condoor Outdoor Slik Clip Kit, Tan


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  • Snugpak MML3 Softie Smock Jacket, Olive

    Snugpak MML3 Softie Smock Jacket, Olive


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  • JetBoil Flash Lite Personal Cooking System, Carbon

    JetBoil Flash Lite Personal Cooking System, Carbon


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