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  • LAST FEW REMAINING! The Cadet Direct 2017 Year Planner Wall Chart is perfect for planning all your activities and events for 2017. What's more it's...

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  • The latest Blade Fast Boil Mk 2 is an ultra efficient and ultra fast heating field stove that allows you to boil 500ml of water in under 3 minutes!...

    Blade Fast Boil 1.1 Litre Stove Mk2


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  • This large capacity Cadet Forces MTP Bergen 70L has been designed specifically for use by the UK cadet forces and includes key design features reco...

    Kammo Tactical Cadet Forces MTP Bergen, 70L Plus FREE Web Dominators



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  • This newly designed MTP Airbourne Webbing features all the latest military features plus a choice of three or four utility pouches depending on ...

    Kammo Tactical MTP Airbourne Webbing Set with FREE Web Dominators


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  • Genuine issue Royal Navy personal clothing system (RNPCS) blue, fire retardant lightweight jacket. Bought in to replace the NO.4 AWD uniform, th...

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Since 1999 Cadet Direct have been supplying the Army Cadet Force, Combined Cadet Force, Air Cadets and Sea Cadet Corps with military clothing, footwear, equipment and other cadet tactical supplies. We have quickly established ourselves as the leading supplier to the UK Cadet forces of Air Cadet badges, Army Cadet badges, cadet hats and army webbing and we are proud to offer an extensive and diverse range of products all professionally suited to the regular demands of the Cadets. In other words, there's no better place to go for all your cadet needs. We have a wide range of clothing options specially designed for the cadets, Read More . including genuine MTP issue uniforms, thermals, t-shirts, combat shirts, waterproofs and more. We also include uniform fabrics and Niikwax products in our clothing range. You should also take some time out to look through our 5.11 Tactical Clothing range, which has everything from Taclite Pro Khaki's to Performance Polo Shirts. We also provide various footwear options for Cadets, including boots, socks, polish and laces. You can choose from our specialist range of boots including British Assault Boots, Cadet Patrol Boots, Waterproof Boots and Desert Boots and have a massive range of army boot polish, bulling products and shoe cleaning kit products. We also supply cadet socks ad performance insoles. As well as our specialist range we also supply various other military products, such as belts, flags, bashas, torches, trophies, navigation tools, cooking tools, combat accessories and survival equipment. Our range of shelter options are perfect for any outdoor exercise, including Bivi Bags, Ponchos, Tents, Multi-Terrain Shelters and vital survival tools. With such an extensive range of products available, we regularly feature specific items on the site every week to keep you up to date with our ever-growing stock. Our products are of the quality expected by any type of military personnel, from experienced survival experts to cadets. Our highly competitive and affordable prices make our products hugely desirable to our growing number of customers. If you're keen to save some money on your next batch of equipment, we have a clearance zone that is regularly updated with quality products at outstanding prices. We aslo deal directly with manufacturers in order to provide one of the UK's finest mail order services. You can learn more about our products by calling us today on 01892 662 230.
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Cam out Your Kit! 10 Essential Uses of Sniper Tape

Sniper Tape is an essential bit of kit.  It's small, compact in size and it's multitude of uses mean there is no excuse not to carry it. Today we look at the top 10 uses for Sniper Tape so we can show you exactly what you can use it for.

1. Camouflaging your weapon

Weapons are constructed from metal which is naturally reflective and therefore likely to shine. This can easily give away your position to enemy forces. Sniper tape can be used to camouflage your weapon and prevent that shine from the metal parts of the weapon, essential if you’re a sniper! [caption id="attachment_5465" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Camo Tape Sniper Camo[/caption]

2. Camouflaging your kit

Your kit may also become reflective in the light and give away your position. Sniper tape can be use in the same way here to cover these sections and prevent you from being spotted.

3. Communication

If you don’t have a notepad to hand Sniper Tape can be used instead. You can jot down short and important notes or can even label your kit. [caption id="attachment_5467" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Scapa Sniper tape Sniper Tape Notepad[/caption]

4. Taping Straps

Straps that flap around while you’re walking or in the wind aren’t just annoying but may also spoil any effort you made to camouflage yourself. Strap them down with Sniper Tape.

5. Repairs

One of its best uses is  for repairs. Sniper tape can be used to repair almost anything from uniform, to tents to rucksacks and more. Its adhesive qualities make it easy to repair rips and tears in fabric and is ideal for making quick repairs when away from home.

6. Securing cargo

Sniper tape can be used as a makeshift strap or cord to tie and secure cargo for transport.

7. Padding up

You can tape foam over straps with sniper tape to make your Bergen more comfortable whilst maintaining camouflaged.

8. Building a make-shift shelter

If you’re ever caught out without shelter you can use sniper tape to tie together wood and anything else you can find to create a makeshift shelter to keep you protected from the elements.

9. Footwear

While asking round the office for sniper tape uses one of our team apparently used it to keep her shoes on her feet during a charity mud run! Unfortunately there weren’t any pictures to accompany this but we liked it so it made it onto the list.

10. Pranking your mates

This probably should be higher on the list but never the less it’s still here! It’s best unofficial use is of course pranking your mates. Its ultra-sticky properties make it ideal for taping objects and possessions to ceilings or taping people together. We probably don’t need to say any more other than that as we are sure you’ve all been there and know what we are on about! That concludes our top 10 essential uses of sniper tape! We hope we’ve given you some fresh ideas for this classic product. Don’t forget to refill you’re sniper tape HERE and get the new catalogue free with every order! Please do also let us know if you can think of anymore uses for sniper tape and please share with your friends. Thanks for reading.

The Top 10 Uses of Sniper Tape | Cadet Direct Essentials

2017-03-24 16:47:12

  • Free Cadet Direct Year Planner 2017

    Free Cadet Direct Year Planner 2017



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  • Kammo Tactical Cadet Assault Vest MTP

    Kammo Tactical Cadet Assault Vest MTP



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  • Elite Patrol Boot WP, MOD Brown (UK Sizes 7 to 13)

    Elite Patrol Boot WP, MOD Brown (UK Sizes 7 to 13)

    £59.95 was £64.95

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  • Petzl Strix VL Tactical Headlamp, Camo

    Petzl Strix VL Tactical Headlamp, Camo


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  • The Breech Tool 5.56 mm Cleaning Aid

    The Breech Tool 5.56 mm Cleaning Aid



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  • Kammo Tactical MTP Tactical Assault Pack Small 24L Plus FREE Web Dominators

    Kammo Tactical MTP Tactical Assault Pack Small 24L Plus FREE Web Dominators



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  • 7 Colour Camo Facepaint

    7 Colour Camo Facepaint


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  • Multi-Terrain Tactical Headwrap

    Multi-Terrain Tactical Headwrap


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  • Multi-Terrain Mini Backpacker Tent, Standard

    Multi-Terrain Mini Backpacker Tent, Standard


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  • Helikon PCS Cap (MTP Compatible)

    Helikon PCS Cap (MTP Compatible)


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  • Cyalume Military Grade Chem Light Visipad

    Cyalume Military Grade Chem Light Visipad



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