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Army Camouflage Cream

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Military Face Paint

Remain entirely concealed with the Cadet Direct range of army camouflage cream. We have a brilliant selection of military face paint products which are perfect for disguising your face and skin. If you are undertaking an important outdoor operation or training exercise, army camo cream is essential for keeping you covered. We have a wide collection of face paint and creams to ensure you remain camouflaged and protected in any situation. Check out the full range below and find the right camouflage cream to complete your military kit.

From the woodlands to the tropics, we offer a huge choice of army face paint in a variety of disguising colours. No matter if your next operation takes you to the desert, jungle or forest, we are sure to have the camo cream you require. Featuring popular colours such as green, black and brown, we also provide military paint in sand and tan. Our range of army camouflage cream can be used across many different environments to suit all servicemen. Plus, with their non-greasy formula, our camo creams do not cause spots or irritate the skin. Then, when training is cover, the Cadet Direct range of armed forces face paint can be removed with our Military Wipes.

In addition to our army camouflage cream, we supply Camtech Camouflage Sunscreen. With SPF 15+, this sunscreen can protect the face while preserving stealth – it is ideal for professional soldiers operating on new terrains. You can also find the sought-after Camtech Cam Cream, a completely waterproof and sweatproof army face paint that is ideal for field use. We even offer a Two Tone Camo Stick for when you need a quick cover-up while on the move. Order your army camouflage cream today from Cadet Direct for fast UK delivery with same day despatch. Don’t forget our full range of military camouflage and concealment equipment on sale now and stay hidden wherever you are.