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Military Glow Sticks & Light Sticks

Light your way with confidence with the Cadet Direct collection of military glow sticks. Our army light sticks use chemical light technology to represent a safe, non-toxic and ignition-free form of lighting. When you need a reliable and failsafe light source during overnight expeditions or camping operations, use military grade glow sticks that won’t let you down.

Featuring light sticks like the popular Cyalume sticks, including flexible band Cyalume Light Sticks and Cyalume Chemlight Sticks, we have a wide variety to choose from. Cyalume sticks are likely the most widely used light source of this type and have been developed especially for military use by international armed forces.

We additionally supply specialised light sticks for individual military, tactical and survival applications, like the SOS Cyalume Light Stick and the Cyalume Personal Markers. Or you can browse other military grade glow sticks from top brands like Nite Ize.

Our complete range of army light sticks deals with a great deal of military applications. As well as seeing your way in darkness, military grade glow sticks are useful for signalling, route marking and danger indication. Light sticks are an essential piece of survival gear that no member of the army should be without. Order your military glow sticks today from Cadet Direct for fast UK shipping and same day dispatch.