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Camping Cooking Equipment

Preparing food in the field is a key survival skill, however cooking outdoors can also be a challenge. At Cadet Direct, we have an extensive range of camping cooking equipment and camping cutlery sets suitable for both military and survival purposes and can be especially useful for cadets annual camp.

All our outdoor cooking equipment has been designed to withstand adverse weather conditions including our range of solid fuel cookers from well-known brands such as Crusader and Jetboil. These cooking systems are durable and designed to withstand tough environments. The Jetboil Flash and Jetboil Sumocooking sets are available at Cadet Direct. We also have a range of solid and gel fuels depending on which cooking system you are using.

Depending on which cooking system you are using, you may be required to start a fire or flames before starting to prepare your meal. At Cadet Direct, we have a range of fire starting options including windproof lighters to help you get your fire going.

We also have a wide range of mess tins, which are ideal for ration packs, canteen cups,  thermal mugs and stainless steel cups which are all hard wearing and durable. Our cooking range also includes plates, cooking pots and tins and cutlery.