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Blister Remedies

Every member of the armed forces will know that long patrols and tabbing can be one of the major causes of blisters. While this might seem like an insignificant ailment, the swelling from a blister can cause serious problems during lengthy marches. A blister could really slow you down and hinder your peformance. That’s why it’s important for military personnel to keep a handy blister kit as part of their tactical gear.

Here at Cadet Direct, we have a fantastic blister kit selection that works as both the prevention and the solution to your injuries. Featuring popular brands such as Compeed, we supply the Compeed Relief from Blisters pack, as well as Compeed Blisters on Toes. You can also find a blister kit from Bodyglide, including their Anti-Chafe sticks which provide a non-greasy, refreshing relief from blisters. Don’t forget our BCB Heal Heel Blister Kit, which gives you the complete gear to treat blisters on any part of the foot.

Order your blister kit from Cadet Direct and get fast UK delivery and same day shipping when you shop with us. For more footwear products, check our great range of military boots and army socks in stock now.