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Tactical Bergens & Rucksacks

Cadet Direct offers a wide range of military bergens from some of the biggest brands in tactical gear. Our army backpack collection is of the highest quality, making it perfect for both cadets and members of the British Army. And with everything from holdalls to MTP packs, you are sure to find the military bag you need. No matter where your next operation or training exercise may take you, choose an army backpack from Cadet Direct.

Being part of the armed forces means always being prepared. That's why it's important to have right kind of military bergen to pack your essential equipment. Here at Cadet Direct, our army backpack selection offers a great choice for a wide range of uses and environments.

Featuring the sought-after Karrimor SF bags, we also deliver military backpacks from CamelBak. We additionally stock their popular designs like the MTP CamelBak and the CamelBak Motherlode. Plus, you can find army bergens from other top names like Highlander and Snugpak.

Plus, Cadet Direct provides rucksacks in a variety of concealing colours, such as multi-terrain and MTP. We even offer heavy duty storage boxes and gorilla boxes for carrying additional equipment.

Make lengthy journeys carrying all your tactical gear easy with the army backpack and bergen range from Cadet Direct. Our military backpacks and holdalls can be dispatched fast and be shipped with next day UK delivery – check out the full range now.