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BCB Crusader Cooker MK2

If you’re looking for an all-in-one camping solution for long patrols and outdoor exercises, one of our BCB Crusader cook sets will be ideal. This multipurpose cooker system has been specifically designed by BCB for use by British Forces personnel, so it contains everything that a serviceman or woman needs to prepare their ration packs while out in the field.

The BCB Crusader cooker MK2 is larger, lighter and more efficient than the previous Crusader cook system, and has the advantage of using solid fuel which is also airline friendly. That means it’s now easier than ever to transport, assemble, and pack up.

Our selection includes both hard anodised aluminium cook sets, which are non-stick and easy to clean, as well as stainless steel cookers, which are extremely tough and durable. Each one comes with a variety of different cooking implements, including mugs, cups, pots, and a cooker or stove, as well as a camo-print carry-case to stow it all in. Every item in the cooker set is designed to be stackable, so that the kit is compact and easy to carry.

Here at Cadet Direct, you can buy either a complete BCB Crusader cook set, or just the individual components, so you only ever have to buy as much as you need. If you need more essential equipment for an upcoming exercise or patrol, shop our full collection of cookware and utensils and hydration carriers. Order your BCB Crusader cooker today, and you’ll receive fast delivery and same-day dispatch.