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Hydration Packs

At Cadet Direct, we stock a range of military-grade hydration carriers. Used by the British Armed Forces, the carriers you see here have been specially designed to provide a source of hydration out in the field, and are also ideal for hiking and long-distance training.

We’ve got hydration carriers with a range of different capacities, so you can choose the right size to suit the duration of your mission. Our range includes spacious 33- and 47-litre packs that will provide enough hydration for multiple personnel or extended patrols, while smaller 3-litre carriers are handy for when you need to be light on your feet.

We’ve sourced these packs from manufacturers such as CamelBak, BCB, Web-Tex, Pro-Force, and Condor. So, you can count on them to deliver consistent hydration, and to be robust and durable enough for almost any weather conditions. Padded shoulder straps and sternum ties ensure the carriers are comfortable to wear, and many have even been designed to balance the weight evenly across the body.

Our hydration packs are available in a wide range of materials and colour schemes including Cordura, Multi-Terrain Pattern (MTP) and MultiCam. So, there’s a fabric type to suit every environment and uniform.

If you’re looking for more gear to keep you hydrated during tough missions, you might also want to browse our CamelBaks, water bladders, and hydration accessories range. Buy a hydration carrier from Cadet Direct today to receive fast UK delivery.