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  • The AKU Pilgrim HL GTX in MOD Brown is the high leg version of the latest British Army combat boot and has been designed for UK forces working in t...

    AKU Pilgrim High Leg GTX, MoD Brown



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  • Genuine issue PCS combat shirt supplied in Grade 2 (used) condition. Please note: Grade 2 (used) items are supplied in second ha...

    British Forces Combat Shirt, MTP PCS Grade 2 Used



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  • Genuine issue Grade 2 (used) current pattern MTP combat trousers as used by British Forces. Please note: Grade 2 (used) items ar...

    British Forces Combat Trouser MTP, PCS, Grade 2 (Used)



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  • Genuine issue MTP windproof smock supplied in grade 2 used (second hand) condition. Please note: Grade 2 (used) items are suppli...

    Smock Combat Windproof, MTP (PCS) Grade 2 Used



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Cadet Direct Ltd

UK’s leading supplier of cadet to kit to the Army Cadets, Air Cadets & Sea Cadets

Since 1999 Cadet Direct has been supplying Army Cadets, the Combined Cadet Force, Air Cadets and Sea Cadets with cadet kit. Our wide range includes military clothing, footwear, army equipment, ACF uniform and other cadet tactical supplies.

We’ve quickly established ourselves as the leading nationwide supplier to the UK Cadet Forces, delivering everything a cadet needs. Featuring Air Cadet badgescadet hatsRoyal Marines Cadet uniform and army webbing, we are proud to offer an extensive and diverse collection of products.

In other words, there’s no better place to go for all your cadet needs.

Cadet Uniform & Clothing

We have a huge selection of clothing options specially designed for the cadets. As well as official ACF uniform and genuine MTP issue uniforms, we supply tactical clothing for all UK military personnel use.

Featuring thermalscamouflage t-shirtscombat shirtswaterproofs and much more, we also stock cadet clothing accessories like Niikwax cleaning products. Take some time to look through our 5.11 Tactical Clothing range to maintain a covert professional appearance while improving tactical performance.

Cadet Direct provides various cadet footwear options, including boy’s army boots. Our specialist range of boots includes British assault bootscadet patrol bootswaterproof bootsdesert boots and MOD boots. Pair with our cadet socksperformance insoles and laces to make sure you’re fully equipped from head to toe.

We also have a massive range of army boot polishbulling products and shoe cleaning kit products to uphold high UK military standards at all times.

Military Equipment & Survival Gear

As well as our specialist uniform selection, we offer various other army products. We have a fantastic range of military gear such as tactical torchesceremonial flagsnavigation toolscamping and cooking utensilscombat accessories and survival kit equipment.

Our expert range of shelter options are perfect for any outdoor exercise, such as bivi bagsponchostentsmulti-terrain shelters and other vital survival tools for all operations and overnight training expeditions.

Because Cadet Direct has such an extensive collection of tactical gear, we regularly feature some of our best products every week to keep you up to date with our ever-growing stock. All our UK ACF uniform and army equipment is of the top quality expected by any type of military personnel, from experienced survival experts to cadets.

Our highly competitive and affordable prices make Cadet Direct’s products hugely desirable to our growing number of customers. If you’re keen to save even more money on your next piece of cadet uniform or military equipment, we have a clearance zone that’s regularly updated with quality products at outstanding prices.

Cadet Direct additionally deals directly with manufacturers to provide one of the UK’s finest mail order services.

If you want to learn more about our products, please call us today on 01892 662 230.

We have everything you need for the Army Cadet Force, always at the most affordable price. For a huge selection of some of the best army uniform, tactical gear and survival equipment, order today from Cadet Direct.

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Big Spring Cadet Kit Sale

Come and Work For Us


An Air Cadet has quite literally thrown herself into raising money for the Royal Air Force Association by jumping out of a perfectly good aeroplane! 


RAF Charity Supported by Air Cadet

18 year old Cadet Warrant Officer Rebekah Oldknow, who is based at 209 (West Bridgford) Squadron, Air Training Corps, has been busy raising money for this important charity. The RAFA charity aims to help anyone within the Royal Air Force family who needs support, whether that be current serving personnel, ex-RAF personnel and/or their families. The support that they offer can be supplied through practical assistance, expert advice or emotional support - all of these elements significantly turn people’s lives around. The charity relies entirely on donations, which is why Rebekah was so keen to support them!

CWO Rebekah Oldknow has been an Air Cadet for over 5 years  

Air Cadet Parachute Jump

In order to raise money for such a wonderful organisation, CWO Oldknow has been planning to carry out a number of events. Just last week, Rebekah completed a sponsored static line parachute jump. The first day consisted of ground training in order for her to be aware and understand how to safely carry out the jump - which took place on the second day. This training involved giving Rebekah the confidence to jump on her own, with the parachute being automatically deployed when a certain distance away from the aircraft. If this wasn't enough, she will also be holding a raffle and a silent auction towards the end of the May 2018, to which multiple companies have already generously donated prizes, including Cadet Direct. Cadet Direct are kindly donating £75 worth of Kammo Tactical equipment for her to raffle off, in order to raise money for her chosen cause. Without these donations she would not be able to raise nearly the same amount of money, and charities like RAFA would not be able to carry out the superb work that they do. She has also set up a Go Fund Me page ( in order to receive and keep track of  donations.

Air Cadet Rebekah comes down to earth after her solo parachute jump

Qualified Aerospace Instructors Course

Rebekah has been an RAF Air Cadet for 5 years and has completed and taken part in a variety of different activities, filling her calendar almost every weekend. She has recently graduated from the Qualified Aerospace Instructors Course - which entailed many different subjects such as Air Traffic Control, Aviation Studies, Air Power and so much more. After a tough and competitive selection process, only 40 cadets in the organisation were successful in gaining a place on 2017/18’s 8 month course, so for her this was a huge achievement. She is also a member of the RAF Air Cadet National Concert Band and is the senior female cadet of the Central & East Region Band. Previously, Rebekah has also been the Mayor’s Cadet for Rushcliffe Borough Council in Nottingham, which allowed her to showcase and publicise the Air Training Corps outside in public situations. In 2016 and 2017 she was she was also fortunate enough to go to the annual Nijmegen Marches in Holland, where as part of a team of 12, she marched 100 miles over 4 days. The team was also sponsored by Cadet Direct in 2016 who kindly provided the team with brown Magnum boots, making the experience a lot more comfortable. She was recently promoted to the rank of Cadet Warrant Officer, which is the highest rank attainable within the Royal Air Force Air Cadets. Finally, she was also very fortunate to be selected as South and East Midlands Wing’s ATC75 Sword nomination for the best female in the wing, which was a huge honour for her.


National Army Cadet Force Band Musician


Outside of cadets, Rebekah is completing her final year of A-levels, studying geography, psychology and photography. Next year she is planning to take a gap year from education, to allow her to gain work experience in a number of different fields so that she can decide whether university is the right path for her future career. In her spare time away from her squadron, she is also part of a retired TA band, the South Notts Hussars, as well as part of the National Army Cadet Force Band which she attends as an Air Cadet.


Playing as part of the RAF Air Cadet National Concert Band

Rebekah commented "...Over the years as an Air Cadet, since 2013, I have heard and seen the work that RAFA do for people. The help that they offer is phenomenal, and the cadets is a big focus for them – including the amazing opportunities they offer to cadets via the RAFA Youth programme, of which I was a part of. By raising money for RAFA it gives me a chance to thank the charity from both a cadet and none cadet point of view..."

  We'd like to wish Rebekah every success with her fund raising and look forward to hearing from her again in the near future.

High Flying Air Cadet Jumps For RAFA

2018-05-21 11:17:38

  • RAF Airmens No.1 Dress Cap Brand New

    RAF Airmens No.1 Dress Cap Brand New


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  • Pro-Force Tomahawk Elite Ops Pack, HMTC

    Pro-Force Tomahawk Elite Ops Pack, HMTC

    £44.95 was £75.95

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  • Pro-Force Tomahawk Elite LX Pack, HMTC

    Pro-Force Tomahawk Elite LX Pack, HMTC

    £57.95 was £97.95

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  • Full PLCE Webbing Set HMTC

    Full PLCE Webbing Set HMTC

    £49.95 was £81.95

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  • Free Cadet Direct Catalogue - Spring 2018

    Free Cadet Direct Catalogue - Spring 2018



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  • RAF Air Cadets Officers Rank Slides, MTP

    RAF Air Cadets Officers Rank Slides, MTP


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  • RAFAC NCO SNCO WO Rank Slides Blue

    RAFAC NCO SNCO WO Rank Slides Blue


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  • RAFAC Pin Badges (Pair) FREE SHIPPING

    RAFAC Pin Badges (Pair) FREE SHIPPING


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  • British Forces Karrimor SF Combat Boot, Black

    British Forces Karrimor SF Combat Boot, Black

    £99.95 was £119.95

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  • British Forces Bates Ultra Light Patrol Boot, Black New

    British Forces Bates Ultra Light Patrol Boot, Black New

    £49.95 was £59.95

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  • Highlander Cadet 350 Sleeping Bag

    Highlander Cadet 350 Sleeping Bag


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  • Highlander Covert Gloves

    Highlander Covert Gloves


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  • Highlander Elite HMTC Shorts

    Highlander Elite HMTC Shorts


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  • Highlander Base Self-Inflating Pillow, HMTC

    Highlander Base Self-Inflating Pillow, HMTC


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