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  • A larger 55 litre version of the upgraded Elite-Ops pack, the Elite-SF has been designed as a cost effective alternative to the popular CamelBak Mo...

    Pro-Force Tomahawk Elite SF Pack, HMTC


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  • A high quality yet cost effective alternative to lower specification multi-terrain patrol packs, the Pro-Force Elite-Ops is made from quality XTP ...

    Pro-Force Tomahawk Elite Ops Pack, HMTC


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  • The Tomahawk Elite-LX is manufactured is manufactured from hardwearing multi-terrain XTP 1000D PU waterproof fabric. The front and sides of the pac...

    Pro-Force Tomahawk Elite LX Pack, HMTC


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  • Designed specifically for use by UK Cadet Forces personnel, this great value multi-terrain assault vest is constructed from heavy duty HMTC woven n...

    Cadet Tactical Assault Vest, HMTC


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  • This great value multi terrain webbing set is MTP compatible and is perfect for cadets, detachments and CCF contingents. Features include two doubl...

    Full PLCE Webbing Set HMTC


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Cadet Direct Ltd

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Since 1999 Cadet Direct has been supplying Army Cadets, the Combined Cadet Force, Air Cadets and Sea Cadets with cadet kit. Our wide range includes military clothing, footwear, army equipment, ACF uniform and other cadet tactical supplies.

We’ve quickly established ourselves as the leading nationwide supplier to the UK Cadet Forces, delivering everything a cadet needs. Featuring Air Cadet badgescadet hatsRoyal Marines Cadet uniform and army webbing, we are proud to offer an extensive and diverse collection of products.

In other words, there’s no better place to go for all your cadet needs.

Cadet Uniform & Clothing

We have a huge selection of clothing options specially designed for the cadets. As well as official ACF uniform and genuine MTP issue uniforms, we supply tactical clothing for all UK military personnel use.

Featuring thermalscamouflage t-shirtscombat shirtswaterproofs and much more, we also stock cadet clothing accessories like Niikwax cleaning products. Take some time to look through our 5.11 Tactical Clothing range to maintain a covert professional appearance while improving tactical performance.

Cadet Direct provides various cadet footwear options, including boy’s army boots. Our specialist range of boots includes British assault bootscadet patrol bootswaterproof bootsdesert boots and MOD boots. Pair with our cadet socksperformance insoles and laces to make sure you’re fully equipped from head to toe.

We also have a massive range of army boot polishbulling products and shoe cleaning kit products to uphold high UK military standards at all times.

Military Equipment & Survival Gear

As well as our specialist uniform selection, we offer various other army products. We have a fantastic range of military gear such as tactical torchesceremonial flagsnavigation toolscamping and cooking utensilscombat accessories and survival kit equipment.

Our expert range of shelter options are perfect for any outdoor exercise, such as bivi bagsponchostentsmulti-terrain shelters and other vital survival tools for all operations and overnight training expeditions.

Because Cadet Direct has such an extensive collection of tactical gear, we regularly feature some of our best products every week to keep you up to date with our ever-growing stock. All our UK ACF uniform and army equipment is of the top quality expected by any type of military personnel, from experienced survival experts to cadets.

Our highly competitive and affordable prices make Cadet Direct’s products hugely desirable to our growing number of customers. If you’re keen to save even more money on your next piece of cadet uniform or military equipment, we have a clearance zone that’s regularly updated with quality products at outstanding prices.

Cadet Direct additionally deals directly with manufacturers to provide one of the UK’s finest mail order services.

If you want to learn more about our products, please call us today on 01892 662 230.

We have everything you need for the Army Cadet Force, always at the most affordable price. For a huge selection of some of the best army uniform, tactical gear and survival equipment, order today from Cadet Direct.

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Big Spring Cadet Kit Sale

Come and Work For Us


C.I. Sue Hobbs, Squadron Adjutant from 1414 (Crowborough) Sqn invited Cadet Direct to visit and put on a polishing and bulling workshop for the Air Cadets. We were asked to demonstrate how to give parade shoes that all important mirror finish - an important requirement for parades such as Remembrance Sunday. The idea was to demonstrate that when equipped with the right tools and with just a few simple steps (and a bit of patience!) anyone can get their shoes and boots to shine with a mirror finish! Our Managing Director James Munday and General Manager Andy Salmon kicked off the session by showing the cadets the correct tools required for the job at hand. Then they distributed some free goodies which included boot brushes, Kiwi Parade Gloss polish, polishing cloths and shoe care kits. [caption id="attachment_6675" align="alignnone" width="992"] 1414 (Crowborough) Sqn RAFAC listen and watch Cadet Direct's bulling demonstration[/caption] To start with, cadets either used the Dasco Applicator Brush or old toothbrushes brought from home to remove dirt from their parade shoes, especially in the hard to get to areas such as the welt (this is where the sole attaches to the upper shoe). Once all visible dirt was removed and the footwear was dry, Web-tex Boot Brushes were used to put on and then brush to a shine a good layer of  Kiwi Parade Gloss Prestige Polish.  This forms a sound base before starting to bull. Finally, both cotton wool and the Selvyt PR Premium Polishing Cloth that would be used in conjunction with water and polish to provide that all important bulling shine. Once the cadets were equipped with all the right tools, James then demonstrated to the cadets how to use them all, explaining that although bulling shoes may seem a daunting task, patience and effort would pay off in the end. After the demonstration was complete the cadets were then tasked with getting their own parade shoes up to standard. As an extra incentive a prize was offered to the cadet with the shoes judged to be the best by the OC at the end of the night. The two tables full of 1414 (Crowborough) Squadron were then a blur of activity for the next 1.5-2 hours. With copious amounts of cleaning, brushing, water dabbing, polish dipping and cloth rubbing going on, with James and Andy providing additional tips and help when needed. [caption id="attachment_6667" align="alignnone" width="992"] James Munday providing help and tips as the Cadet's get to work.[/caption] Andy’s son Jake from 2530 (Uckfield) Sqn ATC also came along to help and was quickly put to use working on a very muddy pair of assault boots to demonstrate how they can be cleaned and polished and to provide cadets with a before and after sample. [caption id="attachment_6672" align="alignnone" width="992"] Cpl Jake Salmon from 2530 (Uckfield) Sqn ATC demonstrated polishing and bulling a pair of lightweight assault boots.[/caption] The effort and concentration shown by the cadets was very impressive and fairly quickly some of the cadets were rewarded with that sought after shine on their shoes. The cadets with less initial success were encouraged to try different techniques and find the method that would work best for them. It wasn’t long before the tables were full of parade ready shoes, completed, ready for the final inspection by the OC. [caption id="attachment_6671" align="alignnone" width="992"] All the hard work is starting to pay off![/caption] [caption id="attachment_6670" align="alignnone" width="992"] Various different bulling techniques, using a variety of brushes and cloths[/caption] After a quick clear up, when all the Cadet Direct freebies were claimed and packed away ready for use again before the next parade, the cadets formed a line ready for inspection. [caption id="attachment_6673" align="alignnone" width="992"] 1414 (Crowborough) Sqn line up for inspection.[/caption] The OC had a tough job picking out one cadet’s shoes from all the excellent efforts on display, but finally settled on Cpl Warner as the prize winner. Congratulations to Cpl Warner and we’ll be seeing him again soon, when he pops in to see us, to collect some kit as his prize. [caption id="attachment_6666" align="alignnone" width="992"] Winner Cpl Warner (right) hard at work bulling his shoes.[/caption] Hopefully the Cadets from 1414 (Crowborough) Squadron will put their new skills to good use, ready for their next parade!

1414 (Crowborough) Sqn Air Cadets Invite Cadet Direct To Run Bulling Workshop

2018-03-20 09:32:36

  • RAF Airmens No.1 Dress Cap Brand New

    RAF Airmens No.1 Dress Cap Brand New


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  • Free Cadet Direct Catalogue - Spring 2018

    Free Cadet Direct Catalogue - Spring 2018



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  • RAF Air Cadets Officers Rank Slides, MTP

    RAF Air Cadets Officers Rank Slides, MTP


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  • RAFAC NCO SNCO WO Rank Slides Blue

    RAFAC NCO SNCO WO Rank Slides Blue


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  • RAFAC Pin Badges (Pair) FREE SHIPPING

    RAFAC Pin Badges (Pair) FREE SHIPPING


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  • British Forces Karrimor SF Combat Boot, Black

    British Forces Karrimor SF Combat Boot, Black

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  • British Forces Bates Ultra Light Patrol Boot, Black New

    British Forces Bates Ultra Light Patrol Boot, Black New

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  • Highlander Cadet 350 Sleeping Bag

    Highlander Cadet 350 Sleeping Bag


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  • Highlander Covert Gloves

    Highlander Covert Gloves


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  • Highlander Elite HMTC Shorts

    Highlander Elite HMTC Shorts


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  • Highlander Base Self-Inflating Pillow, HMTC

    Highlander Base Self-Inflating Pillow, HMTC


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