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Combat Equipment Fighting Order (CEFO) 2024 - Anti-Tank (Light Role Infantry)

Light Infantry personnel train to operate with minimal transport. They are equipped with the full range of small arms, mortars, anti-tank weaponry and surveillance equipment. Employed in all major UK operations, the layout below is a typical light infantry load carried by an anti-tank detachment commander equipped with either NLAW or Javelin. This layout includes everything a soldier needs to sustain themselves for a 24 hour period.


CEFO 2024 – Anti-Tank

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Petzl Headtorch MTP Stuff Sack Lightweight Compass in MTP Pouch Folding Umbrella CAT Tourniquet First Aid Kit Assorted Pens/Markers Celox Rapid Hemostatic Z-Fold Gauze Sniper Tape Rifle Sling Camouflage Cream Hand Torch Weapon Cleaning Tool Spare Socks Assorted Pens/Markers 58 Pattern Waterbottle Orders Folder/Clipboard Swiss Army Knife Lighter Ear Defenders MTP Bush Hat Mechanix Fastfit Gloves, Multicam Keela Special Forces Jacket Mk.4, Multicam Spare PCS Uniform (Packed in Dry Bag) Gaiters MTP Windshirt Staedtler Lumocolor Non-Permanent Pens Mora Frost Knife Collapsible Saw 58 Pattern Waterbottle MTP Patrol Pack Waterproof Dry Bag Spare Underwear Osprey Hybrid Belt Order Webbing Set Map in Waterproof Map Case Kevlar Combat Helmet Camouflage Netting


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