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Other Army Hydration Packs

At Cadet Direct, we stock a range of Army hydration packs from a selection of trusted military supply brands. All of the packs you see here are designed for use in the field by the Armed Forces, so you can depend on them to provide a reliable source of hydration in tough climates and on long training missions.

When you’re out on a challenging mission, it’s essential to stay hydrated, particular if you’re serving in hot conditions. Having a reliable source of drinking water can be crucial to the overall success of the mission, and the hydration packs you see here will provide just that. Each one features a built-in water bladder and drinking tube, so you can rehydrate while you’re on your feet during important operations. There’s a range of different capacities to choose from, so you can adjust the size of your pack to suit the length of your mission.

We source all of the packs you see here from specialist manufacturers, including CamelBak, Viper, Web-Tex, Condor, and many more. They feature sturdy, adjustable straps and body harnesses which will distribute the weight evenly across the body, keeping you comfortable during operations. All hydration packs are made from Army-approved fabrics, including regulation Multicam and Multi-Terrain V-Cam, so you can ensure they match your uniform.

These aren’t the only hydration systems we have to offer, either. If you want to see even more combat-ready designs, browse our collections of Camelbaks, hydration carriers and water bottles to find more essential military gear. Order an army hydration pack from Cadet Direct today to receive fast UK delivery with same day shipping.