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Camouflage Netting & Army Scrim

Camouflage netting is one of the most versatile pieces of military kit used for a variety of fundamental purposes. Military scrim net is a key part of any soldier’s kit and has a multitude of uses. Cadet Direct offers an extensive range of army netting and scrim net to give you the essential equipment required for a successful operation.

But why do you need army scrim net? Conceal yourself during training exercises and use a helmet scrim to keep completely covered. Or take your concealment one step further and use camouflage netting to disguise large vehicles and equipment. Whatever you need to hide, our range of scrim net can deliver the coverage you need.

We have a wide range of army netting available, from tactical veils and scrim scarves to MTP and British Army two-tone camouflage netting. Order scrim net and more with the full collection of concealment equipment from Cadet Direct for fast delivery and same day despatch.