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Military Jackets & Windproof Army Smocks

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Cadet Direct stocks a brilliant collection of military jackets and army smocks available for a range of uses. As well as genuine British Army surplus, we supply brand-new British Army smocks and MTP jackets from some of the UK’s best manufacturers and suppliers.

Featuring everything from windproof smocks to heavy fleece army jackets, our full collection can protect you from the elements when training in a hostile environment. A British Army smock or military jacket can make all the difference when you’re camping or undertaking a difficult operation. Stay shielded from a storm with the MTP Windproof Combat Smock, or keep warm in icy conditions with the Heavy Fleece Army Jacket. With advanced weatherproof and waterproof technology, our windproof smocks and MTP jackets are ideal for both military combat or casual outdoor use. They also come with a variety of pockets to carry everything you need.

We deliver MTP smocks and army jackets from huge brands, including Viper Tactical, Helikon-Tex and Highlander Outdoor, ensuring you receive the best quality when preparing for your next mission. Order your British Army windproof smock or an MTP military jacket today from Cadet Direct for fast UK delivery and same day shipping.