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Military Sleeping Mats & Beds

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British Army Sleeping Mats

Get the best night’s sleep possible with the comfortable and portable army sleeping mat range from Cadet Direct. We have an extensive selection of British Army sleeping mats suitable for a variety of terrains and environments. When you’re on an outdoor training exercise that requires an overnight stay, our army sleeping mat range is ideal for avoiding the hard, wet and cold ground. Check out the full range of military mats and camp beds from Cadet Direct and stay warm and dry on your next overnight operation.

A British Army camp bed or mat isn’t just essential for reducing the impact of rough terrain. They can also prevent moisture from seeping through, keeping you relaxed and dry in the open air. We have a wide variety of army sleeping mats in different camouflage colours, to ensure you remain concealed when stealth is paramount. Our military camp beds also work well in all four seasons. In addition, we supply compact army mats that are lightweight and fully transportable, so you can quickly assemble a sleep station in any environment.

Order your British Army sleeping mats and camp beds with Cadet Direct for fast UK delivery and same day despatch. Make sure to see our entire range of sleeping bags in stock now.