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Water & Hydration Bladders

At Cadet Direct, you’ll find extensive range of heavy-duty water and hydration bladders, perfect for storing and carrying large quantities of water during long climbs, marches, and patrols. Made from tough hardwearing materials which are designed to lightweight yet sturdy, you count on these water bladder bags to see your through missions in hot climates safely.

We’ve sourced all of the water bladders you see here from respected military suppliers such as Condor, Pro-Force, Viper, and Camelbak, meaning they’re ideal for the Armed Forces and cadet exercises. Many are available in MOD-approved Multicam and HTM camo, so you can be sure that they’ll match your existing combat uniform.

Many of our hydration bladders have been designed so they can easily be incorporating into your existing webbing system, vest, or rucksack. Each one is designed especially with needs of military personnel in mind and are easy to fill and empty, with insulated, kink-resistant drinking hoses. There’s a range sizes of sizes from 1.5–3 litres, so you can choose a bladder to suit the length of your mission.

When your deployment takes you to challenging climates, it’s important to that you have the right hydration equipment with you. We have everything you need to stay store, carry, and purify water in remote locations, including Army water bottles, hydration packs, and survival water filters and purification tablets, so browse today to get ready for your next mission. Buy your military water and hydration bladders from Cadet Direct today.