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Wayfayrer Food Ration Packs

Whether you are going on a long expedition or are undertaking a camping exercise, as military personnel you will know how important it is to have the right sustenance. Wayfayrer meals are a simple and quick way to enjoy nutritious food on the go. We have a huge selection of Wayfayrer food ration packs in stock online, all at great prices, that are easy to pack in your military bag and prepare whenever you like. Browse the entire range of Wayfayrer ration packs today.

Manufactured by Wrestler, a supplier to the MoD for over 20 years, Wayfayrer meals are popular with most army personnel. Featuring firm favourites like pasta bolognese, chilli con carne and chicken tikka with rice, Wayfayrer food packs have plenty of different meals to choose from. They even have a selection of desserts, such as chocolate or ginger pudding, so you can satisfy any cravings, even when operating outdoors. They’re easy to use, too – to cook, all you need to do is immerse your Wayfayrer meal in boiling water, and most are ready in less than 10 minutes.

Order your Wayfayrer food ration packs today from Cadet Direct, available online with fast UK delivery and same-day dispatch. Make sure to browse all our cooking and hydration equipment and enjoy outdoor meals on your expedition.