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We stock a range of military stuff bags, stash bags and compression sacks to meet all your needs whether you are attending a weekend camp, out in the field or on an international expedition. Our stuff bags and stuff sacks protect your kit from the elements, including dirt, dust and rain. They also help you to organise your holdall, rucksack or bergen by keeping kit separated. Some of our range of military dry bags have transparent panels allowing you to see what is packed in each bag. Finally army stuff bags and sacks help to compress your kit and reduce the volume of your military bag or rucksack. Compression stuff sacks and dri bags, including MTP compression stuff sacks, take this to the extreme and are designed for the storage of bulky items such as sleeping bags and clothing. We also have a range of clear military plastic sealing bags which are specifically intended to protect smaller items from water - check out our range below.