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Army Hygiene Supplies

Cadet Direct has a great range of army hygiene supplies that are important for upkeeping the high standards of the military. Maintaining good cleanliness is vital for soldiers and cadets to avoid health problems in barracks and out in the field. It can be difficult to preserve your personal hygiene without an army wash bag, especially during overnight exercises in unsanitary conditions. That’s why we offer a huge selection of tactical gear including toiletries, camouflage towels, army wash kits and toiletries to carry in your military wash bag. We also supply other necessities you might forget about, but are a crucial part of your military kit. With tactical equipment such as MTP sewing kits, hand and body warmers, insect repellents, mosquito nets and camouflage cream removal products, Cadet Direct has a wide choice of everyday essentials. Order your army hygiene supplies, including military wash bags and toiletries with Cadet Direct for fast delivery and same day dispatch.