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CamelBak Military

CamelBak has a global reputation for engineering the finest military gear that goes further than any other manufacturer. From the recognised CamelBak bottlesand hydration packs to the highly popular rucksacks, CamelBak is the go-to choice for army personnel looking to be their best during operations and training exercises. As well as introducing Lifetime Guarantees for all their military reservoirs, bladders, bottles and backpacks, you will find that the CamelBak products will go a long way to meet all your exact military and tactical requirements.

Back in 1989, a cycling enthusiast by the name of Michael Eidson was competing in a 100-mile biking race. He decided to create something which would allow him to drink while cycling in the scorching Texas heat. Eidson filled an IV with water, placed it inside a sock, strapped it to his back and then ran a thin hose over his shoulder. The CamelBak bottle was born and the rest is history.

Now, CamelBak is one of the leading suppliers of hydration products. They continue to innovate and bring out new CamelBak bottles, reservoirs, bladders and water packs to deliver hands-free hydration. The brand has also taken their products one step further with the sought-after CamelBack rucksacks which are ideal for military members who need comfort and support on long patrols and overnight exercises.

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