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  1. New Kammo Tactical MBITR Radio Pouch

    If you're looking for a new molle compatible, tactical radio pouch then you're in the right place. This MBITR radio pocket has been created to fit the PRC-148 radio. The holster has been built from strong 1000D nylon textile in MTP pattern making it suitable worn with the most recent multi terrain pattern garbs and gear.   New Kammo Tactical Radio Pouch MOLLE strips on the back of...
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  2. Combat & Survival review the Kammo Tactical 24L Assault Pack

    Combat & Survival review the Kammo Tactical 24L Assault Pack
    Observant regular readers may have spotted that I have recently been keeping an eye out for a replacement daysack to use as an airline carry-on/camera bag as my old, well-loved and almost perfect, but no longer made, Source Assault 10 pack is on its last legs after years of use and abuse. To cut a long story short, Cadet Direct...
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  3. Cadet Stable Belts

    Cadet Stable Belts
    Cadet Stable Belts The stable belt's introduction to the forces was initially resisted by senior officers, however it eventually became accepted throughout the forces. As the name describes, these belts were first worn by cavalrymen who worked in the stables with the horses. The original cavalry stable belts buckled at the side to avoid chafing the soldier's stomach as he bent down during stable work and also to avoid marking or...
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  4. Tried & Tested Sleeping Bags

    Tried & Tested Sleeping Bags
    Rated Sleeping Bags for under £41 With summer now underway and autumn just around the corner we wanted to take a closer look at military sleeping bags to see which one represents the best value for money. All our tested sleeping bags feature a modern 'mummy'style design and come with a compression stuff sack- so we focused on the filling...
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  5. Tactical MTP Backpacks - A Buyer's Guide

    Tactical MTP Backpacks - A Buyer's Guide
    Which pack is the best for you? We recently published a kit layout for CEMO (complete Equipment Marching Order) which comprises everything you might need for an overnight stay in the field. In this Best Tactical Backpacks article we've decided to review a range of popular bags to see which have the capacity to actually carry a realistic CEMO load...
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  6. Annual Camp Kit List

    Annual Camp Kit List
    66 Annual Camp Essentials to get your Summer Training off to a great start! With British summertime in full swing Cadets from all over eagerly await annual camp. With this in mind we have created a really helpful kit list so that you can make sure you have everything packed from the flint to the 1000 mile socks. When the cadet summer training starts...
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  7. Proper Tactical Combat Boots for Cadets

    Proper Tactical Combat Boots for Cadets
    From fancy to affordable, which combat boots do you rate the best? Comfort, stability, grip. These are just a few of the features you look for when choosing  a proper all round boot. Everyone's feet are different and so finding the boot for you can be a bit of a head ache, not to mention the expensive price tag that...
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  8. Upgrade your Air Cadet Badges for 2017

    Upgrade your Air Cadet Badges for 2017
    With the biggest change in the delivery of training since the formation of the Air Cadets more than 75 years ago comes new and improved badges. So we thought we'd share with you everything we've learnt on the upcoming Air Cadet Badges. All new cadets will undertake training within the First Class Cadet syllabus and this allows blue level awards and badges to...
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  9. What's in the 2017-18 Army Cadet Basic Training Handbook

    What's in the 2017-18 Army Cadet Basic Training Handbook
    Written by an experienced CFAV with years of ACF experience, the Army Cadet Basic Training Handbook is a fantastic reference guide for instructors, Pls and cadets. Every lesson from every subject is covered, along with all testing requirements. There is also an introduction to the Army Cadet Force, places to record detachment specific information and a lesson checklist. Cadets should keep this...
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