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  1. FREE Fieldcraft Lessons for Cadets!

    FREE Fieldcraft Lessons for Cadets!
    With the release of our new 'Fieldcraft for Cadets' handbook proving a huge success, there are now lessons available to watch on YouTube. Designed and created by an ACF adult instructor, these lessons can be transferred over all cadet forces (SCC, CCF and ATC/RAFAC). Perfect for learning at home or in the garden. The Fieldcraft for Cadets Handbook is broken...
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  2. Fieldcraft Techniques for a Cadet

    Fieldcraft Techniques for a Cadet
    INTRODUCTION INTO FIELDCRAFT The principal skill to be successful at escape and evasion is to be expert at applying fieldcraft in any given situation. It is a subject most enjoyed as it is usually fun and gets you and your `mates' to turn out in strength, especially if it says on the programme that it's going to be an escape...
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  3. Drill Within the ACF and CCF

    Drill Within the ACF and CCF
    THE HISTORY BEHIND DRILL Drill is the term used to describe a formal parade where you are able to move quickly in formation from one place to another. Through history, British Army Drill has been the foundation upon which discipline; teamwork, pride and pageant have all taken equal part. In the days of the ‘Brown Bess’ musket, when in battle...
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