Published: Dec 04, 2017 by James Munday
Army Cadet supplied with MTP webbing set for Cyprus

Cadet Direct is helping a North Yorkshire Army Cadet prepare for an exciting trip to Cyprus in Easter 2018. Jack Goode, a Colour Serjeant in E Company (Yorkshire North and West Army Cadet Force) has been in cadets for 3 years and recently passed 4 Star. Jack has always been in to his fieldcraft training and this year had the privilege of being part of the Merlin (4 Star Fieldcraft) Cadre on Annual camp in Barry Buddon. Here he was able to advance his fieldcraft knowledge and skills further, including prepping his kit, operating in compounds and training in woodlands and forests. He recently had a chance to practice his fieldcraft skills by taking part in the Rifles Cadet Cup, a national competition, which saw counties from all over the country enter cadets who wear the Rifles cap badge to compete against each other. It was while on this course that C/Snt Good got his first taste of training in built up areas (TIBUA). He found being instructed by the regular army a great insight into the chaotic nature of commanding a section during urban operations and was lucky enough to be one of the teams Section Commander. The team went on to win first place nationally. This Easter Jack will be given another opportunity to further his fieldcraft knowledge and skills even further, specifically TIBUA experience, in Cyprus. For this trip Cadet Direct has offered to supply him with a brand new Osprey Mk.IV Hip Belt and Yoke – pictured below:

Jack said ‘…I needed to update my cadet webbing and this lightweight Osprey Yoke set is just what I need to allow me to move about the urban environment carrying plenty of ammunition whilst maintaining essential manoeuvrability. I think this webbing will work best for me as it’s lightweight and genuine issue so I know it’ll stand the test of time. At this level your really need to own a personal set of webbing. This is something I can’t recommend enough to other cadets as having it fit and tailored to you with the necessary order of webbing pouches is invaluable in all sorts of training exercises as well as road marching etc. For example I’m currently qualified in the use of smoke grenades within the Army Cadet Forces so I have a smoke grenade webbing pouch fitted to my webbing. This is something that doesn’t come with cadet issued webbing or assault vests so this is a must have for me. Throughout my cadet career I’ve also picked up some other items of kit that I’ve found extremely useful, such as a small patrol pack. This is not only very useful for carrying essentials on patrols but also if you’re out on the range it’s handy to carry Gore-tex jackets and other warm combat kit especially when you’re not on the firing point or wearing your webbing and it’s at these times that a small cadet bag to carry your things in is extremely useful. Your own set of Gore-tex or MTP waterproofs is another essential piece of kit to pick up as the weather here can be unpredictable at best and your own set of good fitting Goretex MTP jacket and trousers is a must have. Getting your own kit can be quite an investment but is part of the process of becoming a more experienced senior cadet and there are big benefits to having your own kit such as being able to organise, pack and tailor it to your needs prior to each camp or exercise. The other big thing of course is not having to worry about what you’re going to be issued with before or during each camp as we’ve all come across poor kit that has been mistreated by the last person to use it. Also you don’t have to hand back personal kit to your detachment. A final big advantage of having your own kit is that it’s always available for any reason, so if you have to miss the parade night when kit’s being signed out you won’t have to worry. I make sure my CEMO and CEFO kit is always  prepped and ready as I often give lessons to junior cadets at the unit on how to pack webbing and bergens’.  C/Snt Good would like to thank his Company and County for giving him this unique opportunity to really hone his fieldcraft skills. He hopes he can pass these skills down to junior cadets and NCO’s alike once he gets back as well as win the Rifles Cadet Cup Competition again! Jack will be writing an article after he’s completed the trip to let us know how he got on. He will also be reviewing the webbing he’s been sent to ensure that other people can see how well made and useful this piece of kit is. On behalf of Cadet Direct I’d like to wish him a great trip and look forward to hearing from him when he get’s back.