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At UK-based NHMD Ltd, the makers of the Breech Tool SA80 cleaning tool, they understand that in order to be at your best as a soldier, you need to have the best kit. Having the best kit means you need to have access to the right tools in your British Army weapon cleaning kit, tools designed specifically for the job at hand. The NHMD philosophy goes right to the heart of The Breechtool™, an SA80 combi tool consisting of three components designed to clean to the heart of British Forces weapon systems, including the Heckler and Koch SA80 A2 small arms rifle, L129A1 7.62 Sharpshooter rifle, 5.56 LMG 'minimi', the GPMG and Diemaco C8. NHMD don't stop at the Breechtool. Their expanding range of weapon cleaning products and positive Breech Tool reviews continue to support their philosophy - check out the range below and upgrade your SA80 cleaning kit today...