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Contents of large pack from Complete Equipment Marching Order


This Kit Layout was first published in a book called  "Survival - Technologies from the Official Training Manuals of the World's Elite Military Corps" in 1988.

"The large pack or Bergen, plus your webbing, make up Complete Equipment Marching Order and helps you live in the field for a protracted period". (Editor Len Cacutt).
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Wash Kit Bags ”Military Water Bottle and Containers Plano Gun Cases Base Layers and Thermals Liners and Gaiters Windproofs and Waterproofs Helmet Accessories Right Angle Torch Military Boot Sock headscarf Sandbags Military Stoves and cookers Foot Powder Combat Gloves CRBN First Responders Pack Mess Tin Food and Rations British Assault Boots Cooking Fuel Windproof Trousers Jumpers Notebooks & paper windproofs and Waterproofs Rigger Belts combat clothing norwegian style army shirt sleeping bags and liners bergen attachment straps survival bags sleeping mat