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PLCE Assault Order (2008)

PLCE Assault Order as published originally in the 2008-2009 Survival Aids catalogue.The layout below is intended to be a basis for ideas. Click on individual items to find out more about them.

Bandages Lightsticks Water Purification Fuel Belt Order 24 Hour Ration Crusader Cooking Unit 58 Pattern Waterbottle Mug Cutlery Set Mess Tin Set Ultimate Survival Kit Camo Remover Wipes Lifesaver First Aid Pack Field Dressing Mine Tape Sewing Kit PLCE Webbing PLCE Webbing Hydration Pack Sand Bag Duct Tape Entrenching Tool Survival Multi-tool Infanteer Model Kit Arc Markers Ballistic Eyewear Bandages Cleaning Pads Head Torches Batteries Petrol Lighter Accessory Links Thermal Gloves Pocket Sharpener Ear Plugs Gloves