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PLCE Marching Order CS95 (2007)

PLCE Marching Order comprises equipment required to sustain a soldier over longer periods of time, This equipment is usually packed in a larger capacity Bergen (such as the 125 litre PLCE Infantry Bergen shown) and should include sleeping equipment, spare boots and spare dry clothing. Note that this equipment should always be combined with PLCE Combat Order. The layout below is intended to be a basis for ideas. Click on individual items on image to find out more about them.

Tent Pegs Bungees Poncho Dry Sack Rucksack Liner Soldier '95 Trousers Norweigan Army Shirt T-Shirts Walking Socks Footwear Jackets Shemagh Thermal Hat Sleeping Bags Bivi Bag Sleeping Mat Aladdin Travel Mug Bergan Cover Self Heating Meals Ration Packs Footwear PLCE Bergans