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Build-Your-Own SAS Survival Kit


A well thought out pocket survival kit can make a big difference in an emergency situation. Whilst commercial kits can be quite expensive, it's not difficult to start putting together your own kit with items that you may have at home. Other components can be purchased relatively cheaply from Cadet Direct like the Survival Kit Tin (code SUR018) which is £2.99. Remember a survival kit is designed to be your last line of safety equipment and should always be carried on your person (and not in your webbing or assault vest). Once you've packed your survival tin or container, seal with electrical tape and if you can add a label to the lid detailing the exact contents. We consulted a popular SAS survival handbook to come up with the following ideas for contents...

Water Purifying Tablets Survival kit Tin Commando Wire Saw Micro Torch Compass Flint & Steel Waterproof Matches