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Section Commander & 2ICs Equipment (2007)

The layout shows a selection of basic command equipment that may be carried by a Section Commander and 2IC (2nd in Command). Some of these items, including the personal Role Radio (Dual Role), stationery and note books are likely to be carried by all members of the section. Remember that you should never be without a good strong waterproof watch. Click on individual items on image to find out more about them.
Silva Lightweight Compass Nyrex Orders Book Pace Counter Beads Compass Jet Scream Whistle Gerber Recon Garmin GPS Infanteer Model Kit Protractor-Romer Binoculars Lightsticks Watches and Timekeeping Lumocolour Non-permanent Pen Pack Web-Tex-A6Notepad Holder Blackhorse-Foxhound-Map-Case