Published: Feb 22, 2017 by Cadet Direct Editor
the breech tool image

3 Benefits of The Breech Tool

This multi-purpose cleaning tool gets a big thumbs up from us at Cadet Direct. Stuart who is part of the team bought The Breech Tool and so we had to find out his thoughts. So here they are…

I started using the brush attachment after spraying a little oil into the chamber section. The brush is designed so that it gets into all areas of the chamber including between the locking splines. The kit comes with 10 reusable heads.

Once you have used the brush you can then use the flannelette with the main tool. This is a vast improvement from trying to use your little finger and the job is finished with much better results.

An NCO will be hard pressed to find dirt in the chamber after using The Breech Tool. Where a fine point is needed, the pin tool is best as you can easily remove carbon. In the gas area I removed a large lump of carbon that the issued tool could not reach.

Top 3 Benefits of The Breech Tool :

  1. The brush heads can be re-used after cleaning with white spirit.
  2. You can say goodbye to sore fingers.
  3. Saves lots of time.

I can honestly say this is the best way to clean your weapon. Find some quick tips for using The Breech Tool below.

Get The Breech Tool HERE.