Published: Oct 18, 2016 by Cadet Direct Editor
No 2 Army Dress worn by Cadet Forces

As part of our interest in creating an Army Cadet Force uniform guide, Cadet Direct has been reviewing the current Army Dress Regulations Part 8 (April 2013). CCF uniform is also covered in the same document. ACF uniform includes MTP PCS uniform as well as No.2 Dress. The current issue No.2 Dress  is referred to as Future Army Dress or FAD uniform. Some Officers, CFAVs and cadets are fortunate enough to have their own No.2 dress although most personnel will parade in their MTP working dress.

ACF/CCF Badges of Rank (Continued)…

Non-Commisioned CFAVs (Adult Instructors) should wear the regulation ACF or CCF rank slides (see below). Both CFAV and cadet rankslides should always be distinguished. Probationary Instructors (PI) should wear a rankslide with a red flash across it.

Adult Instructor Rank Slides
Current regulation CFAV rank slides for Army Cadet Force use.

An SSI normally wears the badge of rank held on dischare from regular service, as long as it is no higher than WO1. Cadet badges of rank (cadet rankslides) are currently titled ‘CADET’ in red and may be privately purchased as long as they meet the regulations as follows:

acf badges of rank
Latest regulation Army Cadet rankslides may be purchase privately from Cadet Direct Ltd.