Published: Feb 04, 2016 by Cadet Direct Editor

The current British Army webbing system consists of two principal systems. Firstly operational troops tend to be issued with a MTP MOLLE/PALs based Osprey body armour webbing system featuring MTP pouches with MOLLE/PALS fittings. These differ significantly from the PLCE (Personal Load Carrying Equipment) based equipment which is the other commonly used system. The two systems are not interchangeable (other than perhaps the yokes). Those looking to add to their existing army webbing system must therefore consider whether their current webbing is PLCE or MOLLE/PALS based. Customers wishing to purchase a new system should consider going for a MOLLE/PALS system as this is now well established and forms the basis of the latest VERTIS system being introduced on the frontline and can be used with a wide range of MOLLE/PALS pouches and accessories from a wide range of manufacturers