Published: Oct 18, 2016 by Cadet Direct Editor
free cadet catalogue

The new Cadet Direct catalogue has just hit our desks so we thought we’d let you know more about it. First of all it’s completely FREE! To order your copy simply click here and we’ll send a copy out to you today. Secondly the catalogue is packed with lots of cadet kit and uniform – so whether you’re after Army Cadet uniform or MTP sniper tape this is the place to look. We also have the usual selection of regulation Army Cadet badges and Air Cadet badges including the latest ACF TRF and CCF TRF badges. CD-2016-3-spread3-500

As well as this the latest catalogue contains loads of new products like the MTP cadet assault vest, MTP cadet pack.CD-2016-3-spread2-500

and new cadet boots, such as the Elite Patrol Boot which is a waterproof assault boot designed specially for cadet training. Furthermore this cadet patrol boot is available in both MOD Brown and Black.


Finally the latest Cadet Direct catalogue also contains a Patrol Kit layout to give you ideas as to what equipment you might carry when out on patrols and cadet exercises. Also in the run up to Remembrance Sunday taking place on the 13th November 2016 see our review of wax boot polishes to see which one is the best.