Published: Jan 18, 2016 by Cadet Direct Editor
Cadet Direct present cheque to Frimley Park CTC

Cadet Direct has presented a cheque for £900 to the Commandant of the Cadet Training Centre at Frimley after agreeing to sponsor two cadet places on the upcoming CCAT ski-ing course due to take place in Bavaria, Germany next month. James Munday, the Managing Director at Cadet Direct presented the cheque to Lt Col Gavin Jones during a visit to the national Cadet Training Centre in December. James commented ‘…Cadet Direct is proud to be involved in sponsoring two really deserving cadets – who otherwise would have been unlikely to be able to attend. I went on my first ski trip at the age of 14 with my school and I hope these two cadets will benefit from it as much as I did…’. Courses to Bavaria are run by CCAT and are open to CFAV’s and cadets aged 16 or over from the ACF and CCF.