Published: May 23, 2016 by Cadet Direct Editor
Cadet Bag

Cadet Direct has sent 14 free assault packs and 14 hydration bladders to the Surrey Air Cadets Nijmegen Team who will be completing the famous 4 day marching event in Holland this summer. The packs will be carried by each team member throughout their rigorous training program as well as during the 4 day, 100 mile Nijmegen Marches event itself. Highlander Outdoor, the outdoor equipment manufacturer, has also got involved and has kindly supplied 14 SL Hydration units to be used with the packs. The sponsorship announcement was made following a competitive application process that began in March.

The team leader Fg Off Wendy White who has previously completed the Nijmegen event twelve times commented ‘… we’ll be trying the packs and bladders out on our next training weekend at the end of May. Once we try them we will review them and write an article with pictures for the Cadet Direct website’.

James Munday, Managing Director at Cadet Direct said ‘…The small assault packs supplied to the Surrey Air Cadets have been very popular with cadets over the years and are used widely by Air Cadets, Army Cadets as well as CCF units. They are MTP compatible with the PCS uniforms being worn by the Surrey Air Cadets team. The packs also work really well with the SL Hydration bladders supplied by Highlander. Wendy specifically wanted 2 litre bladders for the team and we found the SL unit fitted better into the packs hydration compartment than the other models we tried’.

Cadet Direct, in partnership with Magnum Boots, has also supplied Magnum Classic Boots to three other cadet teams for this year’s Nijmegen event. We will publish updates and news from all the teams as they progress in their training in the coming weeks.