Published: May 21, 2015 by Cadet Direct Editor
bcb jet stream and mtp webbing

The Lancashire ACF Nijmegen Team have had the opportunity to test out some of their new equipment during a recent training weekend operating from Wathgill Training Camp in North Yorkshire. The team tested sets of Osprey MTP webbing and hydration units supplied by Cadet Direct. During two intensive days of walking the two new pieces of equipment generated plenty of debate amongst team members. Senior cadet RSM Forrest McDonald reported that the new Jetstream hydration packs from BCB were perfect for the walk. He added ‘…Having these packs makes the walking much more efficient as there’s no hassle getting bottles out of bags or pouches when taking on water. Having the spout come round and fasten onto the shoulder also meant taking on water was much more frequent as it was just there and easy to do, this is always a good thing’.  The MTP webbing sets raised slightly more issues. RSM McDonald commented that despite looking ‘excellent’, there were a few drawbacks particularly with sizing for smaller cadets. There were also issues with some of the clips and all sets would have benefitted from an additional pouch. Cadet Direct plan to address these issues in the coming weeks to ensure that any issues are resolved in time for the next training weekend. There were no such issues with the Magnum Classic boots supplied by Magnum, with the RSM reporting that  ‘the boots again held up superbly, I had no issues with my feet whatsoever after 20 miles and even the few team members prone to mangled feet seem to have held up better this weekend which seems to suggest given some time to be worn in the boots provide adequate comfort and support’.