Cadet Direct has just taken a delivery of a great new range of Raptor Assault Gloves in HMTC, Black and Olive Green from Highlander. These lightweight assault gloves are available in both full and fingerless styles and are made from a combination of Amara, real leather, rubber and spandex that is tough, durable, lightweight, fast-drying and breathable. Amara stretch technology gives a great combination of fabrics designed for maximum comfort and protection. Perfect for weapon handling and fieldcraft activities, the rubber component provides a flexible barrier against impact whilst the innovative design gives the index finger freedom for improved trigger action. Finally the grip panels on the thumb, index finger and palm improve your grip. The gloves are available in sizes S, M, L and XL and weigh around 120g per pair. The HMTC colour scheme has been designed to be MTP compatible so the gloves look great with MTP PCS uniforms and equipment. Prices are good too - starting from just £18.95 a pair. These gloves are sure to be a great more effective version of the popular Mechanix Wear gloves which have been really popular with cadets and military personnel in the last few years. To find out more about the new Raptor gloves and our great range of combat gloves from Mechanix, Rapdom, BCB and Rothco why not visit our combat gloves section of the Cadet Direct website.