Published: Jun 15, 2018 by James Munday
viper tactical concealment vest mtp

Can you pass our latest military skills challenge?

This competition is now closed, however you can still have a go for fun. The aim of camouflage and concealment is ‘to see but not be seen’. In the image below a concealed enemy sniper is observing you. Can you locate him? If you can, you could win a brand new Viper Tactical MTP Concealment Vest worth £44.95.

Click the grid below to enlarge…

We’ve made this challenge a bit more difficult this time around. Click on the image twice for greater magnification. When you think you’ve spotted the enemy sniper, simply email the grid reference co-ordinates to us at Please note – the sniper is very well camouflaged – although you can clearly make out his details once you know where he is!

spot the sniper competition

All correct entries will be entered into a prize draw and a winner will be selected at random to receive a Viper Tactical MTP Concealment Vest with stuff sack pictured below:

viper tactical concealment vest mtp

The competition will close on the 15th July 2018. The winner will then be announced and their name will be published. Good luck!

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