Published: Mar 24, 2017 by Cadet Direct Editor
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Cam out Your Kit! 10 Essential Uses of Sniper Tape

Sniper Tape is an essential bit of kit.  It’s small, compact in size and it’s multitude of uses mean there is no excuse not to carry it. Today we look at the top 10 uses for Sniper Tape so we can show you exactly what you can use it for.

1. Camouflaging your weapon

Weapons are constructed from metal which is naturally reflective and therefore likely to shine. This can easily give away your position to enemy forces. Sniper tape can be used to camouflage your weapon and prevent that shine from the metal parts of the weapon, essential if you’re a sniper!

Sniper Camo

2. Camouflaging your kit

Your kit may also become reflective in the light and give away your position. Sniper tape can be use in the same way here to cover these sections and prevent you from being spotted.

3. Communication

If you don’t have a notepad to hand Sniper Tape can be used instead. You can jot down short and important notes or can even label your kit.

Sniper Tape NotepadSniper Tape Notepad

4. Taping Straps

Straps that flap around while you’re walking or in the wind aren’t just annoying but may also spoil any effort you made to camouflage yourself. Strap them down with Sniper Tape.

5. Repairs

One of its best uses is  for repairs. Sniper tape can be used to repair almost anything from uniform, to tents to rucksacks and more. Its adhesive qualities make it easy to repair rips and tears in fabric and is ideal for making quick repairs when away from home.

6. Securing cargo

Sniper tape can be used as a makeshift strap or cord to tie and secure cargo for transport.

7. Padding up

You can tape foam over straps with sniper tape to make your Bergen more comfortable whilst maintaining camouflaged.

8. Building a make-shift shelter

If you’re ever caught out without shelter you can use sniper tape to tie together wood and anything else you can find to create a makeshift shelter to keep you protected from the elements.

9. Footwear

While asking round the office for sniper tape uses one of our team apparently used it to keep her shoes on her feet during a charity mud run! Unfortunately there weren’t any pictures to accompany this but we liked it so it made it onto the list.

10. Pranking your mates

This probably should be higher on the list but never the less it’s still here! It’s best unofficial use is of course pranking your mates. Its ultra-sticky properties make it ideal for taping objects and possessions to ceilings or taping people together. We probably don’t need to say any more other than that as we are sure you’ve all been there and know what we are on about!

That concludes our top 10 essential uses of sniper tape! We hope we’ve given you some fresh ideas for this classic product. Don’t forget to refill you’re sniper tape HERE and get the new catalogue free with every order! Please do also let us know if you can think of anymore uses for sniper tape and please share with your friends.

Thanks for reading.