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PLCE Assault Order (2009)

This PLCE Assault Order layout was first published in the 2009 catalogue. The contents of your assault vest (or webbing) are often referred to as PLCE Assault Order. PLCE Assault Order comprises of essential 'must have' and 'should have' that soldiers require in order to be operationally effective. The Kit layout below is a guide only - exact requirements will depend on your unit and mission.

Thermal Wristovers Sewing Kit Sewing Kit Canteen Cup Solid Fuel Folding Stove Esbit Solid Fuel Refill Pack Waterproof Matchbox Paracord Snack Rations Infanteer Model Kit Insect Repellent Rifle Sling Emergency Belt Order Ration Spork NATO First Field Dressing First Aid Kit Scotch Brite Cleaning Pads Hydration Pack Multitool Camo Cream Stick Trekking Biscuits Combat Survival Tin Binoculars Assault Vest Right Angled Flashlight Lightsticks Soldier 95 Style Pattern Gloves