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PLCE Assault Order (2011)

This PLCE Assault Order layout was first published in the 2011 Survival Aids catalogue. Assault Order comprises essential 'must have' equipment and ordnance that an infantry soldier requires to be operationally effective on the modern battlefield. The following items are reasonably typical of what a modern riflemen/LSW gunner would be expected to carry and is based on a British Army exhibition layout shown at the 2010 DVD show.

Tourniquet Emergency Bandage First Aid Kit Advanced Clotting Sponge Triple Ammo Pouch Comms Cord ID Cadr Holder Survival Kit Dog Tags Gunners Pouch Cleaning Pad Bandages Rifle Sling Laces Trekker Sock Eyewear Knives Mosquito Net Muzzle Cover Weapon Cleaning Kit Grenade Pouch Bayonet Frog Sheath Boonie Hat Towels Lanyards Mag-Lite Torch Light stick Camo Cream Scrim Scarf Sandbag Toiletries Bungees Gerber Multitool Basha Fuels Water Bottle Mug Cr5usader Cooking Unit 95 Pattern Metal Mug Hydration accessories Basha/Tent Pegs Hydration Tablets Lightsticks IED Awareness Playing Cards Bladder Cleaning Kit Trekking Biscuits Wash Kit ThermoBak Multicam Water and Hydration