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A Realistic Combat Load - 1988

This Kit Layout was first published in a book called  "Survival - Technologies from the Official Training Manuals of the World's Elite Military Corps" in 1988.

"Here you can see what you might carry in war and how your kit can be modified to improve your chances on the battlefield. This is intended as a general guide and what you are able to do will depend greatly on unit SOPs and tasks
." (Editor Len Cacutt)
Webbing Vests & Pouches First aid Helmet accessories Knives Multitools Rifle Sling Bungees Tapes & Cords Cleaning Pads Ear Defenders Insect Repellents Scrim Scarf Rifle & Pistol Cases Thermal Headwear Radios Bungees Tent/Basha Pegs Basha Lighters Snacks & Rations Stoves & Cookers Sewing Kit Toiletries Laces Laces Polish Camo Cream Towel Rations Paracord Para Cord Reel First Aid Kits Socks Waterproof Bags Batteries Carabina Pouches Compasses Sandbags Pouches Water Bottles Water Bottles Stoves & Cookers Cooking Pots & Tins Water Bottles Webbing Vests & Pouches Razors Field Dressing Cutlery Cooking Pots & Tins Gloves CBRN/NBC Equipment Right Angled Torches Lightsticks Ammunition Boxes NBC Equipment Ammunition Boxes Pouches Knives