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The kit list below includes all the essential uniform and field kit you could possibly need whilst on camp – plus a few extra items to make life easier. Click on individual items to get more information on each of the products. We’ve not included RAF blues dress, No.2 dress, civilian clothing or sports kits.

Coat/Skirt Hangers KFS Heavy Duty Trouser Twisters BCB Boot Cleaning Kit PCS Combat smock Boxer Shorts Highlander Money Belt Cadet Patrol Socks S'95 Working Dress Belt Combat Boots Genuine Issue Beret Multi-terrain Bush Hat Combination Padlock Mess tins PCS Combat T-Shirt PCS Combat Trousers PCS Combat Shirt MTP Waterproof Jacket PCS Thermal Fleece 1000 Mile Socks Military Foot Powder Medium Assault Pack Stainless Steel Mirror Collapsible Wash Bowl Desert Dry deoderant BCB Twist Razor Steridex/Pits & Bits Wash Web-tex Utility Wash Roll Dasco Applicator Brush Wax Show Polish Military Towel Utility Straps Fluorescent Tent Pags Pro-Force Basha Highlander Elite Sleeping Mat Challenger 150 Sleeping Bag Bungees Blade Fast Boil Stove Cooking Fuel/Gas Sporknife Brew Kit in Survival Tin 58 Waterbottle & Mug Flink Striker Emergency sweets Ration Wayfayrer Meal Rations Survival Bag Highlander First Aid Pack Sewing Kit Kadar Red Torch Rapdom Neoprene Gloves Wesco camo Cream stick Benny Hat Paracord/Comms Cord Military Wrist watch Assault Vests Harrier Multi Tool Nyrex Orders Book Waterproof Notebook Insect Repellent Sniper Tape Whistle Lightweight Compass Model making Kit Orders Book Cover