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Complete Equipment Marching Order - 2015


The Contents of your bergen, plus your webbing (or assault vest) make up Complete Equipment Marching Order (or CEMO for short). CEMO comprises equipment required to sustain a soldier over longer periods of time in the field. This layout shows some recommended contents for your patrol pack or bergen and can be used for a basis for ideas.

Field Mirror Desert Dry Deodorant Folding Toothbrush Compact Twist Razor Body Soap Steridex Hand Cleaner Pro-Force Military Towel MTP Sleeping Mat Cover Military Foot Powder Brown Shoe Polish Web-tex Utility Roll Dasco Applicator Brush Utility Straps Knife, Fork, Spoon Set Heavy Duty 1000 Mile Combat Sock Military Boxer Shorts PCS Combat Thermal Fleece Undershirt Cadet Forces Mess Tins British Forces Gore-Tex Jacket Wayfayrer Meals British Forces Gore-Tex Trousers Pro-Force Basha Aluminium Tent Pegs British Forces Sleeping Mat Military Bungees Snugpack The Sleeping Bag