With the release of our new 'Fieldcraft for Cadets' handbook proving a huge success, there are now lessons available to watch on YouTube. Designed and created by an ACF adult instructor, these lessons can be transferred over all cadet forces (SCC, CCF and ATC/RAFAC). Perfect for learning at home or in the garden.

Fieldcraft for Cadets Handbook

The Fieldcraft for Cadets Handbook is broken down into short, simple to understand chapters which flow in a logical and easy to understand sequence. Each lesson is designed as an informative reference source and enhances the fieldcraft lessons taught within cadet organisations. Pairing these videos up with the handbook, you will be able to learn first hand the techniques on applying cam cream, how to move in the field, personal admin and various other topics.

Fieldcraft for Cadets Handbook 2020

Ideal for using at home or taken with you on parade nights, this book fits easily inside a smock or combat trouser pocket.  This pocket-sized book enables cadets and instructors to learn and plan whilst away from the unit environment.  This book is a handy, comprehensive reference source and does not attempt to replace official manuals. However it combines multiple sources of information and packs them into a single guide.

Fieldcraft for Cadets Handbook 2020

If you want to learn about Fieldcraft or brush up on your skills, grab yourself a book, go to the videos and start learning!