It's only a matter of time before you'll find yourself in a situation where you'll need to use your survival skills. One of the major things you need to know is how to start a fire. With fire you can keep yourself warm, boil water so you can stay hydrated safely and make a smoke signal if you need to.

The new Web-Tex Mini Survival Match will help you do this plus much more.

Web-tex Mini Survival Match

Based on a popular design used by international forces, the Web-tex Mini Survival Match fits easily into your webbing or pocket. Thoughtfully designed this fire starter can be operated with just one hand keeping your other hand free. The security cord can be fitted to your belt or bag and has an advantageous mini survival whistle attached.

Single hand-held design

How to operate:

  1. Press 'PUSH' to release the spring loaded STEEL-OF-FIRE.
  2. Place the foot on a hard surface near tinder.
  3. Press 'PUSH' with thumb and apply constant pressure whilst pushing down along the shaft.
  4. This should shower the tinder with intensely hot sparks and ignite the fire!

Liquid filled mini compass

This well thought out bit of kit also features a integral liquid filled mini compass. So here you have 3 tools in 1! Get yours today here.

Size: 8.5cm x 2.8cm x 1.8cm. Weight: 48 grams. Colour: olive green/black.